lightning is a Python/Cython library for large-scale linear classification and regression. It also contains the source code of my paper "Block Coordinate Descent Algorithms for Large-scale Sparse Multiclass Classiļ¬cation".


scikit-learn is an easy-to-use and efficient machine learning library for the Python scientific ecosystem. I am a core developer.


Tegaki is a handwriting recognition project for Chinese and Japanese characters. Tegaki is multi-plaform and supports several recognition engines. I am the main developer.


Fantasdic is a dictionary application which allows you to look up words in a variety of dictionary sources. It is primarily targetting the GNOME desktop but it works on other platforms too. nihongobenkyo, a server containing Japanese dictionaries that I maintain, can be used with Fantasdic. I am the main developer.

Other software of mine can be found on Github and Gist.